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Monday, 7 May 2012

What do Rangers and Women have in common?

The answer, if you're on the SPL Board, is we can't live with them, but we can't live without them.

A week has passed since the last blog and, as usual, a lot has almost happened, yet we are no further forward. Rangers are still without an owner. The SPL are still without a pair of balls. Their excuse for adjourning their big meeting and vote today was...the same as last week: not enough information.

This begs the question: what information is it they seek, and why did they expect to have it today after adjourning the meeting last week? Surely they knew before turning up at Hampden today that the information they claim to need wasn't available. So why did it take hours before deciding to adjourn once again? And why have they now put it off until the end of the month?

Are they just afraid to make a decision? Have the threats of boycotts by Rangers supporters, Celtic supporters, their own club's supporters, shareholders, bank managers, TV companies, etc, left them so impotent they're hoping someone the SFA or UEFA steps in and leads the way? Will they then step back up to the plate and say it's not what we would've done but we have to follow the laws set down by those who govern the don't blame us.

Already the Twittersphere is buzzing with rumours. Did Duff and Phelps ask for the vote to be adjourned? Why did they do that? Does this mean the SPL admit newco Rangers without further penalties?

The door has been left open for Bill Miller to get assurances behind closed doors that there will be no more further penalties. I wonder how he is at doing handshakes with his trouser leg rolled up.

Funnily enough, although not really funny, is today's revelations that Bill Miller is a donor to the Republican Party in the USA. In this year's presidential nomination race he gave money to Ron Paul, the most right wing candidate.

Mr Paul has claimed he would have voted against the law which ended racial segregation in the USA.

Mr Paul also described civil rights hero Martin Luther King as a 'pro-communist philanderer' and labelled Martin Luther King Day commemorations as 'Hate Whitey Day'.

Is this the sort of owner that Rangers really want to save their dying club, preserve their history and traditions?

Yes, I'm afraid it probably is.

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