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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Why SFA won't let Rangers get away Scot-Free

The moral dilemma for the chairmen of the so-called diddy team is whether to vote for sporting integrity or hard cash. Of  course, it's easy to sit on the moral high ground from a safe distance. My club, Celtic, isn't going to go bust tomorrow if Rangers have to start in the Third Division.
So, I expect the SPL chairmen to admit a newco Rangers as long as they accept loss of points and financial penalties. By doing that the other SPL clubs still get their share of TV money from the Sky deal that has the 'Old Firm must be in the league' clause. They also get their mitts on Rangers' share of the monies. Mm...yummy. Who can blame them for wanting some of that?

So, what can/will the SFA do about that?

They must do something.

Their transfer embargo last week might even have been a proactive shot across the bows.

What they appear to have said is if you vote to keep Rangers in the SPL because of a TV deal then we will do our utmost to ensure Rangers get relegated the following year. This is one of the reasons the vote on potential penalties was postponed yesterday.

My guess is that Rangers will lose their appeal if they are allowed to stay in the SPL, and they will win their appeal if they don't stay in the SPL.

Here's why I think the SFA must be seen to be running the game and protecting sporting integrity.

UEFA and FIFA would dearly love to see the end of four different countries from one tiny country compete in their competitions.

The English FA's recent criticisms of FIFA won't have done the SFA and their Welsh and Northern Irish counterparts much good.

Neither, of course, is the Great Britain team in the Olympics this year.

So, in the year Platini  implements Financial Fair Play, how can the SFA ignore the shenanigans at Ibrox?

With UEFA/FIFA  watching the SFA cannot be seen to be weak at this time. Rangers will drop at least one league.

Mind you, all that doesn't make Neil Lennon a better manager, it just means he might be with us a while longer yet.

Hopefully, Neil will continue to learn. His contrition today about running on to the park after the Semi-final against Hearts is a good sign. The comings and goings of players during the summer will show us more of his vision for Celtic, and the Champions League Qualifiers will show us how far we are along that road.

But as the world witnessed Ferguson and Mancini squaring up last night in Manchester, passions are always going to run high when there is a lot at stake. However, I don't see calls for police enquiries in the English papers today.

And earlier in the season Jose Mourhino poked an opposition coach in the eye. Imagine if Neil Lennon had did that in Scotland. Doesn't bear thinking about.

Strange days ahead in Scotland's Planet Fitba. It might not be much, but it's the best we can dae.

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